How to Create a Epic Headline (and what goes into one)

Content Tips How to Create a Epic Headline (and what goes into one) Ryan Chin / Sep 20, 2021

Headlines are the key to getting your audience to click on your content. 

One of the most important parts of getting people's attention is to have a headline that will intrigue the reader. You can do this by creating a story and presenting it in an interesting way. 

A good headline should be easy to read and short. It should also make someone want to know more about what is being offered. One way that you can do this is by giving them a problem that they have, or an emotion they are feeling, and then offering them a solution. 

Headlines should be specific, catchy, and interesting. 

Be Specific

Headlines should be specific enough to tell the reader what they will find after clicking on the link. It should also have as many keywords as possible. 

As a copywriter, it is important to know that headlines are one of the most important parts of a post. You don't want your headline to be too vague because then viewers might not know what they will learn or find out from your article. 

One way to make sure that your headlines are clear and descriptive is by including keywords in them. This will allow readers with different interests to find your content more easily when they search for certain keywords. It will also help you rank better in web searches. 

Pull the Trigger

The best headlines are the ones that lead to a reaction. They create an emotional response in the reader and lure them to your article. 

Headlines should always lead to a reaction - whether it's curiosity, anger or excitement- because this will give them an incentive to read on. 

The best way to evoke emotions is through the use of a powerful word. 

Headlines that trigger emotions attract readers

These words should be easy to understand, which is why it’s important to choose words that are not uncommon. 

Another way to generate emotions is to create a sense of urgency in your headings. 
Consider using words like “soon”, “immediately”, “right now” to create a sense of immediacy and importance. 

If you need ideas for words that can trigger emotions, check out this list of 380.

1 Important Way to Create an Effective Headline

Numbers in headlines catch the eye and make information more memorable. 

Numbers stand out in headlines

Numbers give readers an instant understanding of the topic and it is a well-known psychological trick to get the attention of readers. These numbers have a bigger impact in the headline if they are in numerals, rather than spelled out. 

1) "The 3-day Guide to Improving Your Digital Marketing" 
2) "5 Ways to Improve Your Online Presence" 
3) "7 Steps to Become a Better Writer" 
4) "The Technique that the Top 4% of Writers Use to Keep Readers Engaged"

Start with 10

Writers typically have to come up with about 10 headlines before finally settling on one. By setting a minimum number of headlines to generate, it helps ensure you have a great title.  

Sometimes we get stuck on thinking of the perfect headline.  Instead, focus on getting at least 10 ideas written to get the juices flowing.  

This also helps to alleviate some pressure by focusing on the fact that you may not come up with the perfect headline on the first attempt, but by going through the exercise of writing at least 10 ideas down, you'll get there.

If you're trying to write your headline before the article and struggling, consider changing things up.

There is a technique that writers use to generate more headlines called "reverse engineering." Instead of getting stuck trying to come up with the perfect headline, you focus on coming up with a story idea first and then try to write an appropriate headline for it. 

This also helps you identify the vague emotions or moods that you want readers to feel when they read the article.

How About A Question?

Questions as headlines can be very effective in attracting viewers. 

Immediately, you’re telling people about the problem you’re going to help with in your content. 
If the problem is one the viewer has, they’re likely to click to see what you have. 

Even if they aren’t hunting for an answer to the question you posed, people may still be interested enough to click if they don’t know the answer, or they’re curious what you have to say on the topic. 

Questions make people curious

A good question in a headline draws readers in and shows them what the story is about. It gives them a taste of the content without giving away too much information. 

As an added bonus, a good question can help with SEO. 

People often enter questions when they’re searching for information, and your headline is similar to what they asked, there’s an increased chance that Google will determine that your article should bs shown as a relevant result. 

Shock Value

A common way to capture readers in a headline is by shocking them. This makes them want to read more of the article, or even share it with their friends.

Can you write a headline that shocks people?

The use of a shocking statement in your headlines can make the reader more interested and curious about what you are going to say. 

This is because there is a psychological tipping point where curiosity overpowers rational thinking. People will often give into their impulses when they are curious about something instead of using their logic or reason. It is important that you do not go overboard with your shock factor though, as it may lead people to want to avoid reading anything else on your site or content after seeing the headline. 

Helpful Headline Tools

Tools for Creating Headlines (these can also be used for blog ideas)

Tools for Analyzing Headlines

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