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An Impactful Video Starts with the Script

Script writer creating video script

Hiring the right video script writer is just as important as the onscreen talent. Use the wrong words and you'll have viewers clicking the skip button.

So you have an idea for a video, but don't know how to turn it into reality.

Creating that video that motivates viewers to make the purchase or educates them on a topic begins with a good script—something engaging and thoughtful that keeps viewers captivated.

Great script writers will understand your audience and know the tone and words that will resonate.

The right script writer will envision what will happen in the video and creates copy that matches the pace, length, and what’s showing onscreen.

They'll listen to your ideas and incorporate them into a cohesive, memorable message.

Write your Storybook Ending

Viderful finds a wide range of professional video script writers ready to find the perfect lines for your production. We offer two different options depending on where you're at in the script writing process.

Writing a script with no research required. If the script requires no research for the video topic, or you can provide any material needed to make the video, this is the choice for you.

Including research with the script. If your video covers a topic that requires some research, we’ve got you covered there, too.

The best part – after you have that perfect script, we’ll help you find video creators to make your masterpiece, when you’re ready!

Simple Video Creation

All in one place

We make it easy to find, and hire, top talent to create professional videos.

Top talent

We invest a lot in searching for the perfect talent for your project, so you don't have to.

Research before hiring

See reviews and ratings before you hire creators so you know what they'll be like to work with.

Payment released after project

We hold your payment and release to creators after the project's completed.

Free to Post

Posting projects is free. Only hire someone if you find the right person.

Portfolio analysis

Check out the work of creators to see if they can deliver what you need.

Video production à la carte

Hire creators only for what you need - script writing, editing, or onscreen talent.

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to use Viderful?
It's free to join and post projects. Our only fee to clients is a 3% processing fee whenever they decide to hire a creator.
What if I don't find the right creator for my project?
Only hire a creator if you find the perfect fit. It costs nothing to post a project and you aren't obligated to hire someone.
How do I find the right creator?
We provide features that help you find the right person to realize your vision for the project. Ask creators questions, view their porfolios, and read their reviews.
How does Viderful work?
Clients post projects that they need help with on Viderful, and then creators submit proposals (how much they can do the work for and why they're a good fit) on projects that they're interested in. After a client hires a creator, the work starts. Payment is automatically transferred to the creator's account after the project is completed.
What if I want to do some of the work for the video myself?
No problem! On Viderful, you post projects only for the work you need. If you want star in the video and have someone edit the footage, that works! If you want to write the script, but need someone to be the onscreen talent and to edit the video; you can do that!
Who is Viderful for?
Viderful is for anyone who could use expert help in creating a video. Whether you need help because of a lack of time or expertise, no project is too small or large.